Paul Sisko: Contemporary Sculpture and Furniture: Large Scale

© Paul Sisko

Large Scale Sculpture
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Slipping Steel - Welded Steel and Stainless
22 ft. high
Location: Office Building
Amityville, NY
Interlocking Tubes - Welded Steel
27 ft. high
Location: Connell Corporate Center
Berkley Heights, NJ
Fractured Series - Welded Aluminum
12 ft. high
Location: Morris Arboretum
Philadelphia PA
Balanced Cylinders - Welded Steel
28 ft. high
Location: Polytechnic Institute of New York
Brooklyn, NY
Cube and Thread - Welded Steel and Stainless
12 ft. high
Location: Sculpture Park
Allentown, PA
Fallen and Bent - Welded Steel
18 ft. long
Location: Artist's Studio
Mahwah, NJ